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This spring has been marked at UNINTER by the arrival of high school students from USA.

A group of 49 students from Saratoga High School in California, led by Arnoldo Rodriguez, Sarah Voorhees, Gina Rodriguez, Andrew Narva, Amy Obenour and Diana Padilla studied Spanish with us and visited pre-Hispanic ruins at Xochicalco, the lake at Tequesquitengo and the silver art producing city of Taxco. They also learned to dance salsa and went sightseeing in Cuernavaca. They had a wonderful time during their stay here.

Another group of 10 high school students from The Putney School in Vermont, led by Abelardo Almazan started a two week stay at UNINTER in a program of activities that involved visits to interesting places, an involvement in Mexican culture and lots of fun around the State of Morelos that will give them a nice and useful international experience.

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The Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Shuichiro Megata visited the State of Morelos Governor, Mr. Marco Adame, in order to increase the working links created in the last few years between Japan and the State of Morelos, which include cultural exchanges, tourist increases and most of all the growth of Japanese investment in Morelos.

Governor Adame presented Ambassador Megata with factual studies that prove that through labor peaceful relations and permanent dialogue between Government and investors the safety and improvement of investment conditions in the State is a given.

Mexico and Japan celebrated last year the 400th anniversary of fruitful commercial relations and cultural exchanges of which Cuernavaca and Morelos had strongly participated.         

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 The Council on Science and Technology of the State of Morelos announced that Cuernavaca will host the 11th International Convention on Hydrogen from September, 20 to 23, 2011.

It will deal with themes related with hydrogen production, generation, storing and use of it as an energy vector in  the generation of clean energy, the so called zero emissions energy.

The Convention will gather in Morelos national and international experts on this field, with representatives of investigation centers, universities and governments interested in the social, economic and political issues derived from the scientific study of hydrogen. A large number of experts have already committed themselves to participate.

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The State Secretary of Tourism, Hugo Salgado, announced that next October an International Encounter of Shamans and Medicine Men and Women will take place in two Magic Towns in Morelos: Tepoztlan and Tlayacapan.

Mr. Salgado said that 22 of the most renowned men and women in this field internationally had already accepted the invitation and confirmed their presence in the event that will take place next October.

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A peace workshop, aiming to peace education and the creation of a culture of peace took place last week at the main campus of UNINTER, led by recently graduated student Eduardo Castro. The exercise attracted some two hundred students and faculty and due to its success the University decided to institutionalize it, making it an open public event to take place every year.

UNINTER has already started talks with other universities directed to the possibility of creating the first Peace Research Institute in Mexico, that would be the second one in Latin America. The institute would have the support of at least eight other universities.

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The New York Times published an article by Randal C. Archibold, regarding the expansion of U. S. firms in Mexico, due to its economic growth of 4.5% this year, the competitivity of its labor prices, despite the reduction of unemployment and the infrastructure in place.

It referred to the increase of labor positions, even in Ciudad Juarez, near the border with Texas, which has suffered the highest rate of violence in the country. According to the article, the number of jobs added to the work force this year represented a 1.3%, raising the total to 176,824.

Mr. Archibold reported that the increased offer of jobs translates into a decline in the attraction of people into the criminal organizations.

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 The federal Secretary of Tourism, Mrs. Gloria Guevara, attended a ceremony in the town of Tlayacapan, where at the atrium of the XVI century church and monastery she delivered to the town’s Mayor the certificate designating it the 42nd Magic Town in Mexico and second in the state of Morelos.

With the participation of hundreds of people, Mrs. Guevara enjoyed the music of the brass band founded in 1860 in this town well known by its traditional pottery, and shared a meal, consisting of prehispanic dishes, with the State Governor and most of the towns’ population.

Tlayacapan’s attributes for the designation were the archeological  sites in its vicinity, its church and monastery, the ability of its potters, the brass band, that has won twice the International Brass Band Contest at Munich, its beautiful surroundings, its traditional food and most of all its people’s hospitality.

Tlayacapan lies twenty miles east of Cuernavaca and is worthwhile visiting.

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